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Why Symmetry Weddings?

You are planning the biggest party of your life! Your wedding is an extremely special day and we truly believe that an excellent wedding film is one of the best ways to preserve the memories as they unfold. It’s 2017; HD video quality, clear audio, and easy shareable access are all the minimum standard when it comes to a wedding video. But your day deserves more. You need an artist and storyteller to capture the unique energy of your story. So that one day, perhaps 2 years down the road when life attempts to strain the romance of that love, you can return to your film and be reminded of why and how this story began. We live for great weddings! Yet remember this: your wedding will come and go in a day, but your story is forever! We are symmetry because our work is always a reflection of that story, and your ever after.

You need an artist and storyteller to capture the unique energy of your story.

But most of all, we listen. To what it is that you want and expect so that we can do all we can to exceed those expectations.

Our Experience

With ten years of experience in telling stories through video, we know how to identify and capture the specific nuances of your wedding day that make it unique. We know which uncle’s dance moves will bring you to tears of laughter at your reception; why your older brother’s affirming glance could mean so much as you walk down the aisle; how a Best Man and best friend can turn off years of immature antics to bring a room to tears in one speech. As storytellers we go to great lengths to get to know you and your story. We attend rehearsals and become familiar with your program and venue. We foresee obstacles that would challenge our ability to capture beautiful images. But most of all, we listen. We listen to what it is that you want and expect so that we can do all we can to exceed those expectations.

Your wedding will come and go in a day, but your story is forever.

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The Wedding Film Package


Starting at $2300!

Benefits of Symmetry

    • Professional, discreet presence at your wedding
    • Uniquely customized to your personal style

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Your Wedding Film Includes

        • 2 Camera operators for full day (10 hours)
        • 6-8 minute wedding film
        • HD cameras (4k available)
        • Professional quality microphones
        • Easily Shareable Digital Delivery

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Additional Options

        • Extended Filming Time
        • 4k Delivery
        • Love Story Prologue
        • Full Ceremony + Reception Edits
        • Aerial Footage

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We Get That Question Often

How will I receive my film and how long will it take?

We deliver our films to clients on a special online platform that allows you to easily view, download or share your videos with family and friends. This online gallery is customized specifically for you and will be available as long as the internet is alive!

Our estimated turn around time for your final film is 12 weeks. However, we know how excited you will be to relive your day, so we make every effort to get it finished sooner.

How do you determine the storyline of my film?

We believe that your story is being written for us. Our job is to listen and capture it. So once you decide to hire us for your wedding video, we sit with you to get to know a little about you guys. How did you meet? Where are you from? How is your relationship unique? We have you fill out a form that gives us insight into the different styles and colors you prefer. In addition, we attend your rehearsal to become very familiar with how your wedding will unfold, so that we can be in position to capture every special moment.

Will you be distracting during my wedding?

Our goal is to capture beautiful images without being a distraction. So, we use the latest video camera technology that allows us to get beautiful video without large, bulky equipment.

What kind of cameras do you use?

Our cameras are state-of-the-art digital Ultra High Definition cameras. We use multiple professional quality microphones to capture clear audio throughout the day. When necessary, we set up discreet lighting at evening receptions to ensure we can capture everything.

Can we pre record messages for each other?

You can certainly do that. As an add-on option, we offer our Love Story Prologue. We sit down with you a month or two prior to the wedding and do an interview that tells the story of how you met, your engagement and your excitement about the wedding.

As a standard, we always look to capture a quick message from the bride and groom to incorporate into our videos.

Can I have some of those cool aerial shots?

Absolutely! You can choose to add aerial footage as an add-on to your film. Simply contact us and let us know as we build your custom package.

As you’re planning your wedding, we know you’ll have tons of questions. Here are a few common questions we get about our wedding films. We’d love to talk to you to answer any questions you can think of as well!

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